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KABOD STYLE post event!!!
2012-10-19 873

Greetings Kabod Online Players!

We are pleased to introduce the KABOD STYLE post event!!!

Wish to get free cash items?


Please have it watched and follow event instruction below.

[Event detail]

1) Go to Kabod Facebook Fan site

2) Watch the KABOD STYLE clip

3) Take a deep breath and consider where you can post Kabod Style clip.

4) Post Kabod Style clip at any game related forums you have in mind

5) Take the screenshots

6) Send screenshot with links you have posted to

 * Do not forget to leave your character and account name.



1 Post

over 10 posts

Blue Star(1hr)

Gold Star(1hr)

Dual Superior Potion(50EA)

Magical Stone Guard


Magical Red Stone


Full sets of a New costume

* Reward will be given every Thursdays on your Kabod mail box.


Thank you for your continuous support and for playing Kabod Online.

 - Kabod Online Team