Version 1.1 January 30, 2011

I. Purpose and General Principles

The purpose of this document (the ¡°Operation Policy¡±) is to legally obtain the rights of ¡°Kabod Online¡± from the original copyright holders, authorize the operation of Kabod Online, provide information to the public and all concerned on the various services offered by Kabod Entertainment("the Company"), and define in detail the guidelines that are to be observed by the users when using the services in order to have a fun and fulfilling gaming experience.

This Operation Policy include rules as defined by the Company regarding the general operations and procedures including, but not limited to, discipline criteria regarding user violations as stated in the terms and conditions of use. This is to help provide and maintain consistent measures to any issues that may arise during the duration of the service. The services provided by the Company will be based on the Operation Policy; as such, please read the contents carefully and make sure it is understood, as violation of any of the policies contained herein will result in the appropriate sanctions and penalties. Contents that are not addressed in the Operation Policy can be adjusted and covered according to the terms and conditions, the original purpose of this policy, socially accepted ideas and norms, and the general sentiment and any and all related legislation.

This Operation Policy in its current form is considered to provide the best available measures to any in-game service issues. However, it may be modified without prior notice whenever a better solution is available. The Company strives to provide the most reasonable operation policies via continuous customer communication in order to provide the best in both service and service-related policies. As such, we continue to look forward to your constant interest and feedback.

II. User Rights and Obligations

2-1. User rights: Our Users have several rights they can exercise in order to maximize and fully enjoy their gaming experience in ¡°Kabod Online¡±.

1) Users may make suggestions and report bugs they encounter in-game through the Customer Service Center.
2) For issues and concerns that can¡¯t be treated in the game, users can log on to the ¡°Kabod Online¡± homepage ( and make their queries/requests/suggestions via the e-mail link located in the site.
3) Users who suffer harassment from other players in-game may report such activities to the Company for immediate and prompt action.

2-2. User obligations: As recipients of the service provided by the Company, users are obliged to follow some conditions.

1) Users shall inform the Company of any bugs, system errors and any other issues that may compromise the integrity of the Company and the product while using the service. Users are also obliged to refrain from taking advantage of said bugs, system errors and other issues, either for profit seeking purposes or distribution to other users. Failure to notify the Company upon detection of these bugs, system errors and issues can be considered as an attempt by the user to gain self-interest by abusing or misusing said information and can be subject to the appropriate service restriction measures.
2) Users shall provide true, accurate, current and complete information upon registration. Members using false or stolen information can be subjected to service restriction measures and any claims of rights regarding their accounts shall be forfeited.
3) Users can be subject to service restrictions upon violation of the set rules and regulations stated in Table 8-1 (Service Restriction Criteria for In-Game Offense) and Table 8-2 (Service Restriction Criteria External Game Offense).
4) Users violating the operation policies can be subject to service restriction as defined in the regulations. The Company shall accept no responsibility for any damages or restrictions to service stemming from ignorance or unfamiliarity of the stated policies.

III. Game Organizer Obligations and Roles

1) Game Organizers or ¡°G.O.¡± are operators or operating characters officially engaged in game activities. They provide speedy handling of queries and requests sent by users from all channels. G.O.s can be identified by characters whose names are marked with a ¡°[GO]¡± symbol.
2) G.O.s help users in making sure their right to enjoy playing ¡°Kabod Online¡± in full is exercised and upheld.
3) G.O.s shall strive to provide prompt resolutions to errors that may hamper the enjoyment of the users playing the game. Users shall report these errors and problems to the G.O. immediately upon discovery.
4) G.O.s shall not intervene in conflicts arising between users in the game, unless said conflicts involve behaviors against public morals or are a violation of the game order policies, based upon objective decisions.

*Please refer to the FAQ and notice on which issues can be handled within the game. Answers may not be available for questions which do not have an immediate answer, issues that can be answered by playing the game, or overlapping questions.

IV. Account Management

1) Users are responsible for the management of their accounts.
2) Any problems resulting from user mismanagement or lack of management shall be liable to the user and may not receive the appropriate assistance from the Company.
3) Users who attempt to share or trade accounts, characters, and/or items with real cash/goods may be deprived of their service rights without prior notice. In addition, any issues arising from account sharing and real money/goods trading shall be the sole responsibility of the account owner.
4) Users are not allowed to supply any information belonging to another party. Users should also make all efforts to prevent their account information from being maliciously accessed by others by installing preventive measures such as installing hacking prevention programs, anti-virus programs, Windows and other operating system updates and security patches and regular changing of passwords.

V. Restoration Policy

1) For cases in which user item/character is lost or information is changed due to technical service errors of ¡°Kabod Online¡±, the Company shall restore said items, characters or information to its original status without disrupting gaming operations, as long as the in-game log confirm or support the case. In-game log refers to the game server log.
2) Users shall be careful of their accounts in order to prevent any account loss or damage caused by negligence and lack of understanding of the Operation Policy, notices in-game and the website. In such circumstances, G.O.s shall not be able to provide assistance to damages on characters, items or experience points
* What is user negligence?
- Users have the right to use items that are obtained via normal game transactions made by the user¡¯s own will and thus, shall not be subject to intervention by the Company;
- If the user fails to make an accurate account of an item price, icon or quantity while using the auction system;
- If the user selects the wrong item by mistake, or fails to make an account of the correct icon, quantity or item price when using the transaction system;
- If the user trades or transacts with another party without confirming his/her identity;
- If the user incurs any loss due to the user¡¯s lack of understanding or caution while using the game system running normal conditions.
3) For technical errors of the ¡°Kabod Online¡± service causing a disruption of game quests, the Company shall try to help in carrying out normal quests upon confirmation of the game log.
4) Users who want to request any restoration service shall report or register the request as soon as possible. Service will only be available when the report or registration is made within 7 days of the incident.
5) Losses incurred due to in-game fraud cases will not be restored, but the offending account in question shall be investigated and restricted from service in accordance with the Operation Policy.
6) Users¡¯ character and item information are subject to modifications, changes, and deletions based on game planning or operational decisions and cannot be individually restored.

VI. Inappropriate Behavior Policy

1) Inappropriate behavior is defined as:
- Any speech and behavior that violates any policy that promotes a sound game culture by disregarding the Operation Policy, violating other users¡¯ right to enjoy the game and its various portals, and generally causing disturbance, harm or displeasure to the user.
2) Definition of service restrictions
- Service restrictions refer to a series of measures that are used to restrict an offending player¡¯s service related to the games, forums, and other contents to ensure everyone¡¯s right to enjoy the services.
* G.O.s respect users¡¯ individual game culture and refrain from making unnecessary interventions in order to promote a sound and healthy game culture. G.O.s can, however, restrict the service of certain users who engage in inappropriate behavior in order to minimize damage and preserve game order. Inappropriate behavior can be subject to the following service restrictions, based on Operation Policy:
a) Chat bans: For any confirmed cases of behavior disrupting normal game order, the account in question will be banned from chatting or talking for a given period of time.
b) Recommendation: Forced game disconnection and G.O. summoning may be applied based on G.O. warning message or decision.
c) Temporary restriction of account: The account in question cannot be used for a given period of time.
d) Permanent restriction of account: The account in question is permanently banned from use.
3) Basic rules on service restriction
- Account restrictions as defined by the Operation Policy for inappropriate behaviors and permanent account restriction only apply to the ¡°Kabod Online¡± service and does not apply to any other services run by the Company.
4) Service restrictions and special restriction measures for accumulated service restrictions
- Any inappropriate behavior can be scrutinized depending on the severity and its influence to the game. These behaviors shall be determined by the objective judgment of the G.O.s, and are subject to the terms and conditions set by the Operation Policy. Multiple detections of infractions shall have additional punishment based on the Operation Policy.
- Any account found to be in league or affiliated with the reported account and confirmed via investigation may be subject to account restrictions as well.

VII. Game Order Maintenance Policies
The game order maintenance policies are a set of policies and guidelines which users have to commit to in order to provide a pleasant gaming environment for all ¡°Kabod Online¡± users.

7-1. Naming policies

1) Users shall not create, or attempt to emulate in any method, names that are similar to the following. Names found to be in violation of this policy shall be restricted from service or subject to change and/or deletion without prior notice:
a) Names that are in violation of any trademark rights, copyrights and ownership rights. These can include logos and titles, whether implicitly or explicitly implied. b) Names that may cause confusion by impersonating any G.O. or implying any affiliation with the Company.
c) Names or slang that may be found vulgar or offensive by other people that involve inappropriate descriptions regarding the human body or its functions.
d) Names that are antisocialist in nature, or invoke any antisocial connotations and propaganda that violate any existing law and order.
e) Names that involve any business or organization that advertise/publish unauthorized or illegal subjects.
f) Names which can be deemed indecent, obscene or vulgar.
g) Names which suggest, imply, or encourage intentions to trade in-game items/accounts with real cash or goods.
h) Names insulting any specific nationality, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, character or disability.
i) Names taken after in-game NPCs, items or anything that may confuse other game players.
j) Names that attempt to violate any of the above naming prohibitions by circumvention through any means, such as altering the spelling or adding other letters and symbols.
2) Users should immediately report any naming violations they see to the G.O. upon discovery. The Company may enforce a name-change after making a reasonable and objective assessment based on its severity and influence to the game and its community.
3) Names cannot be changed or initialized unless they violate the naming policy.

7-2. Online Community/Forum policy

1) The Company may delete or move posts and threads that fall under the descriptions below for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a sound online community and forums. Users responsible for threads or posts that attack or harass others can be subject to service restriction.
* Examples of indecent posts/threads:
- Posts that violate social order or public morals.
- Posts that discriminate or slander specific or non-specific subjects.
- Posts related to the production, sharing or distribution of non-official programs.
- Posts related to money or goods transaction or trading.
- Posts related to the exchange of game accounts and items.
- Posts with the intention to advertise products or services.
- Posts that impersonate, or has the intent to impersonate, employees of the Company.
- Posts that give out other users¡¯ personal information which may lead to slander or offense.
- Posts that violate others¡¯ copyrights or intellectual property rights.
- Posts intending to disrupt or harm the Company¡¯s business or products.
- Posts with the intent to commit crime.
- Posts that violate terms and conditions.
- Posts that are senseless duplicate of existing bulletin/forum entries or threads (spamming).
- Other posts that are deemed irrelevant to the purposes of the bulletin or forums.
2) Users shall respect the rights of others as well as any third-party copyrights. Therefore, users should inform the Company of any posts, pictures, images, programs, files, links and replies that may violate this policy. The Company shall take the appropriate measures to address these issues as soon as possible.

7-3. Cash transactions

1) Selling or trading of in-game characters/accounts/items with cash or any real material goods seriously undermine the playability and can upset the balance of the game and its community. Thus, it is prohibited in the ¡°Kabod Online¡± service.
2) Users who are found to have engaged in cash or goods transaction for in-game items or accounts shall be subject to temporary or permanent service restrictions depending on the extent and severity of the violation. These include:
a) Chat messages or bulletin/forum posts deemed to have intentions of cash/good transactions as objectively assessed by the terms and conditions and the Operation Policy purposes agreed upon by the Company and users;
b) Using character names deemed to have the intention of cash/good transactions when objectively assessed by the terms and conditions and the Operation Policy purposes agreed upon by the Company and users;
c) Creating character names that are similar to the titles or addresses of cash transaction websites;
d) Advertising character names deemed to have the intention of offering cash/goods transactions;
e) Affiliation with specific cash transaction websites or engaging in commercial advertisement activities, including creating or advertising related character/account names;
f) Chat messages, bulletin/forum posts, or individual shop messages hinting at cash/good transactions, or using such character names;
g) Repeated and pointless spamming of messages and posts relating to regions, numbers or phone numbers;
h) Trading ¡°Kabod Online¡± service items/accounts with that of other online games;
i) Cross-server item/account trades.

7-4. System and bug abuse

1) Users shall not abuse or use system errors that may be found in the game. System and bug abuse can seriously damage game balance and playability as well as destroy the gaming experience of others.
2) Users shall notify the G.O. via inquiries/email of any bugs and other issues immediately upon discovery without forwarding the information to others or misusing it for their ends. Users who abuse the bugs intentionally instead of notifying the G.O. may be subject to service restriction.
3) If the use of various hack or non-official programs (auto-hunting, server tracking, speed hacks and other programs executed during the game providing direct or indirect operation) is verified, the user concerned shall be permanently restricted from game service. Accounts shall be restricted without prior notice in the following circumstances:
a) User identifies a bug and shares it with other users without notifying the G.O.,
b) User abuses bugs for personal gain;
c) User engages in actions with the intention of personal gain by taking advantage of bugs and other problems in the NPC;
d) User identifies items which sell higher than its normal purchase price at in-game shops and trades the item continuously;
e) Users are not allowed to pursue personal profit in the game using programs other than the game client Kabod has provided;
f) User runs auto-hunting programs, server hacking programs, speed hack programs, auto mouse programs, and other various hacks and non-official programs.

7-5. Fraud

1) In-game fraud refers to ¡°any behavior that repeatedly, maliciously and intentionally deceives other users for the purpose of acquiring wrongful or personal gains.¡± This significantly disrupts game order and negates others¡¯ hard-earned efforts without any rightful compensation. It violates fair play and can be subject to various restrictions and legal punishment based on the Operation Policy.
2) Users should be cautious of transactions or circumstances where a user offers crucial game items for free or at lower than average price.
3) If a user impersonates a specific character/G.O./Company employee and acquires unjust gain from other users, his/her account shall be permanently restricted from the service even if it¡¯s a first offense as such behavior is deemed highly serious and abusive.
4) Any behavior that acquires, or attempts to acquire, other user¡¯s game information (such as account information, character, item, and game money) in an unjustifiable manner shall be considered in-game fraud.
5) Any behavior impersonating or attempting to impersonate a friend or creating a character with a similar name to acquire game information from others shall be considered in-game fraud.
6) Misusing credit transaction to acquire game items and game money, and then refusing to transfer the corresponding game items and money shall be considered in-game fraud.
7) Intentionally disclosing one¡¯s personal information to others for purposes of account sharing, and reporting it afterwards as an incident shall be considered in-game fraud.
8) Fraud cases addressed above shall be reported via customer email-inquiries. Cases shall be investigated for the purpose of restricting the fraudster¡¯s service use. Items lost through fraud cannot be restored.

7-6. Account theft

1) Account theft (hacking) refers to the unauthorized accessing of accounts with the intent to gain or damage a user¡¯s game or account information (e-mail address and content, account, character, items, game money, and others).
2) Account theft violates civil/criminal laws and the Company shall not be responsible for any civil/criminal actions which may take place internally or externally arising from such acts. In cases where personal information theft is confirmed, the violating party¡¯s account may be subject to restriction. Violations may include:
a) Accessing other¡¯s accounts without permission with the intention of stealing characters/items/game money, or attempting connection;
b) Exposing other¡¯s personal information through any medium;
c) Purchasing or attempting to purchase products using another¡¯s account information.
3) Account thefts shall be reported to the Account Theft Report Center of the ¡°Kabod Online¡± service. The Account Theft Report Center shall launch an investigation which will include tracking down the illegal transactions and restricting service to the accounts concerned.

7-7. In-game user conflicts

1) By principle, a G.O. shall not intervene in in-game user conflicts unless the conflict involves a violation of the Operation Policy. This is to ensure the user¡¯s rights to enjoying the intricacies of the game. In inevitable situations where the G.O.s must intervene, however, the G.O. shall make objective assessments and mediate based on fairness and consistency.
2) Any confirmed conflicts involving a violation of the Operation Policy may be subject to G.O. intervention, mediation or service restriction according to the severity and game impact of the issue. Offenders can be subject to service restriction without any prior notice depending on the gravity of the offense:
a) Any confirmed expressions, verbal or otherwise, that offend public morals or indicate sexual content;
b) False reports, claims or charges on other users;
c) Threats or abusive language towards the G.O.;
d) Impersonating or attempts to impersonate a G.O. to others;
e) Spreading rumors or false information that Kabod or a G.O. is showing favoritism to certain users or groups;
f) Using other¡¯s information (false or otherwise) to create an account;
g) Demanding real goods or money in exchange for game items/account exchange, or engaging in real money/good trading;
h) Any behavior that demands an in-game account transfer;
i) Using prohibited words (abusive language, slang, jargon, etc.);
j) Stealing other¡¯s accounts, intentionally exploiting in-game bugs, or pursuing or implementing activities and means that disrupt normal game service;
k) Unilateral and indiscriminate slandering on certain nationalities, race, religion, etc.;
l) Using macro/speed hack and other illegal additional programs which can impact the game balance and community;
m) Sharing or posting programs, files, webpage addresses, and links deemed inappropriate or unrecognized by the Company;
n) Engaging in disruptive behavior such as:
- Continuous spamming on the chat window
- Hurling insults in various forms including homonyms and modified spelling
- Excessive posting/flooding on the chat window
- Continuous posting of repetitive content
- Intentionally blocking doors/passages or any specific location causing an interruption of others¡¯ game play for a prolonged period of time
- Refusing to listen or cooperate despite a G.O.¡¯s warning

* Any other behaviors deemed disruptive and abnormal by commonly accepted standards shared by the Company and the users.

7-8. Restriction of non-official programs

Users are not allowed to use non-official third-party programs involving modification of character coordinates, speed hacks or auto-hunting programs. Cases where a user knowingly acquire items obtained through the use of such programs are also restricted from service. Distribution, sale, usage, application and exploitation of non-official software and programs which may impact ¡°Kabod Online¡± users and services may also be grounds for service restriction. Users should also take note of the following actions which can disrupt the normal order in ¡°Kabod Online¡±:

1) Using non-official programs and hacks such as auto-hunting and speed hack programs;
2) Creating, causing, encouraging or collaborating to develop a situation where such programs and hacks are used;
3) Manipulating the abovementioned situations to pursue personal interests or use illicit transactions to acquire or transfer items;
4) Knowingly acquire items from characters that use hacks or other non-official programs.

7-9. Objections to service restrictions

1) Objection to service restrictions may be coursed through the customer inquiry section of the Customer Service Center located at the ¡°Kabod Online¡± service webpage.
2) Objections shall be received only via service restriction accounts and only within 7 days from the first day of restriction.
3) Objections related to account theft can only be processed within 7 days after submission of both applications and the necessary ID confirmation documents.
4) The abovementioned contents and documents can be turned over to the related agencies when issues are raised.

VIII. Service restriction measures to prevent inappropriate behaviors and maintain order

8-1. Service restriction criteria for in-game offenses

Category 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
chat Cursing
General Forced
Malicious Service
Duplicate posting Forced
Commercial advertising
Game play Intentional/malicious
game play disruption
Warning &
Service restriction
Ignoring G.O warning
disrupt operations
False reports
Spreading of false rumors Warning &
Service restriction
Inappropriate name/
family name/self-introduction
Warning (Recommend to change the name) Temporary service restriction (Revoked when name is changed)
General inappropriate
behaviors (bad manners, etc)
Warning &
Service restriction (3 days)
Impersonation of a G.O or employee Similar names Recommend to change the name Service restriction (3 days)
Impersonation Permanent account service restriction
Advertising on cash/goods transaction (website) for game item/accounts Service restriction
(5 days)
Service restriction
(15 days)
Permanent service restriction
Cash/goods transaction on item/accounts
(Including site registration)
Confirmed Service restriction
(5 days, item deletion)
Service restriction
(5 days, item deletion)
Permanent service restriction
(Item deletion)
Attempts Service restriction
(1 days)
Service restriction
(5 days)
Service restriction
(6 days)
Permanent service restriction
Attempts Service restriction
(5 days, item deletion)
Service restriction
(5 days, item deletion)
Permanent service restriction
(Item deletion)
Use/distribution of non-official programs Permanent service restriction
Use of various hack programs which may influence game content (Including non-official hardware programs)
Fraud In-game fraud Permanent service restriction
Bugs System/bugs Malicious use (Intentional, Multiple offense) Permanent service restriction
Warning & service restriction
(7 days)
Permanent service restriction
Hacking/system destruction of game server/website Permanent service restriction
Illegal or Improper connection Concurrent access to multiple accounts from same IP Permanent service restriction

8-2. Service restriction criteria for external game-related offense (homepage-related)

Category 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
General Duplicate posting
on bulletins/
(Delete post)
Posting ban
Posting ban
Posting ban
Posting ban
Posting ban
Cursing, slander, insults
Commercial advertising
Company slander/
Spreading of
false rumors
of personal
Posting sexual content
Malicious Cash/account transaction Service restriction
(5 days)
Service restriction
(15 days)
Permanent service restriction
System/bug distribution Posting
(15 days)
Posting ban
(30 days)
G.O imperso-
(15 days)
Posting ban
(30 days)
Distribution of non-official programs Permanent service restriction

* Additional service restrictions
- All penalties listed here are arranged into standards dependent on the general nature of each offense, but are subject to any adjustment as deemed necessary by G.O.¡¯s sole discretion.¡±
- Depending on the situation, the G.O. may apply secondary or higher-level service restriction measures to users who disrupt the game order. This will be based on the G.O.¡¯s objective assessment of the situation.
* Users disrupting game balance or other¡¯s gaming experience through methods not mentioned above may be restricted based on terms and conditions set by the company. Successive and multiple offenses may be punished.
* For most cases, a warning is given for the first offense. Penalties are usually the 2nd resort. However, this will depend on the severity of the offense.